Dear Friend,
I know your time is valuable, so I'll get right to the point.

I need your advice!

I'm Celia "Cici" Reeves, better known as the Medical Coding Mama. I was hoping to find out what you most wanted in an online course.

Here's the online course ideas currently in progress:

Medical Identity Theft....Protecting you and your family

Family guide to the doctor's office

Documenting for the Doctor's office 101

Medical Insurance 101

10 things to teach your college kid about the doctor

 Any comment or response is welcome because that enhances the way I make e-books, handy guides and online courses to help educate the public, and it tailors it to your specific need for what you're looking for in an e-book or online course.

Thank you very much for helping make this the best joint-force on how to help educate you and the rest of the world on medical stuff so people can make better health decisions for themselves and their families, I deeply appreciate you taking the time to answer.

Celia "Cici" Reeves
 Medical Coding Mama
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