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Celia "Cici" Reeves
Medical Coder/ Blogger /Educator
About Medical Coding mama
Affectionately known as the Medical Coding Mama to Patients, Doctors and friends alike, Celia "Cici" Reeves is a pint sized 5'0" powerhouse with a passion and mission to help educate the world, with a firm belief that the better educated a person is on medical information and other related medical stuff, the better medical decisions people can make for themselves and their families.   
Drawing on her vast experiences of being a young widow, being a caregiver, getting remarried then going through a divorce, being a single parent, dealing with insurance nightmares and paperwork, having to put a loved one in hospice, dealing with the death of a loved one and how all that kind of stuff affects choices in medical care, Cici shares the lessons learned not only from herself, but also shares lessons and wisdom from the former patients she encountered as well.    
Known for her fun and informative seminars such as Doctor's office 101 for college students, Caregiving 101, What insurance is right for you?, Co-pay's 101, How to avoid getting caught up in a medical scam, to the all time favorite seminars: Preventing Medical Identity Theft- How to protect you and your family and How to make a Living Will. Cici gets rave reviews on sharing and telling information in a way people understand.  
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The better you know your options, the more educated you are, the better medical decisions you can make for you and your family
Celia "Cici" Reeves
Chapter 1: The place it started.....
Medical Coding Mama would not have been born as a company without this guy with me in the picture. This was one of the last pictures we had taken three weeks before his death. 
So why was this guy the inspiration for Medical Coding Mama? Simple. We'd gone through sooooo many trials with doctor's offices and tests and new things that popped up that I honestly could write a book about our misadventures with doctors. He encouraged me to doing medical coding as a career after he died. As I promised him I would, I've become a medical coder who educated on choices made and making better choices for healthcare. I have used the lessons we learned the hard way and shared them so nobody else has the steep learning curve that we had.
Chapter 2: A new dawn is breaking in the medical field
A lot of medical advances have come over the years and learning everything that has come out the past few ears has been completely amazing. I have such respect for people wanting to learn more about their medical options . I teach and educate people so they can make better choices for themselves and their families. Come learn from me.

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